Freitag, 6. September 2019

Behold! The Portara

The "Portara" (or the "Great Door") is the most famous landmark of Greece's Naxos island.

The huge marble gate is the entrance to an unfinished templeThe rectangular gate is around 6 m high and 3.5 m wide. It is made of four blocks of marble, each weighing 20 tons. 

The temple was begun about 530 BC by the tyrant Lygdamis, who said he would make Naxos's buildings thhighest and most magnificent in Greece.

Lygdamis was overthrown in 506 BC and the temple never completed.

The "Portara" is connected to Naxos Town ("Chora") by a paved footpath.

If you would like to know more about this impressive landmark I can warmly recommend my sources: Sacred DestinationsGreeka and the website of Naxos.

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