Freitag, 30. August 2019

Are we living in a simulation?

My left hand (which, believe it or not, has its own diary!) and its reflection, the latter partly distorted by squares on a mirror in a room with tiny square tiles.

This stereo photograph made me think of the movie "the Matrix" and how some people really think that the film' s claims might be valid. 

If you believe that it' s "uneducated" people who seriously think that our reality may not be real then you might be interested in reading this recent article in the "Business Insider". Bottom line: according to some philosophers, the idea that we're living in a simulation is totally plausible!

Sonntag, 18. August 2019

...speaking of coffee

 Even though it' s much more time consuming than pushing a button on a machine, I love the (morning) ceremony of preparing coffee: grinding the beans, inhaling the smell when they are freshly ground...

...and hearing the "bubbling" sound the "macchinetta" (or "cafetiera") makes when the coffee is ready.

For some obscure reason, after more than 20 years of drinking coffee with milk and without sugar, I lately "inverted" my preferences: these days I'm enjoying this stimulating hot beverage without milk and with sugar. I wonder what this says about me...

I must confess though that I love the smell of coffee even more than its taste. How's about you?

Funky Cactus

Of course I am not the first to combine the words "funky" and "cactus"; it simply was the very first title for this post that came to my head. I liked it, so I kept it. 

Out of curiosity I searched the web for those two words and was quite amazed by the wonderful things I discovered. 

The majority of "funky cactus" to be found on the internet are designs for t-shirts, mugs, towels etc and (sometimes quite hilarious) images on photography platforms.

However, as a lover of various styles of music (including funk) my favorite discovery has to be the San Francisco based label  "Funky Cactus Recordings" run by DJ Greg J and Toronto based producer Myagi ;-)

Donnerstag, 15. August 2019

step by step (video)

I totally agree with fine art photographer Alain Briot who states that in order to represent the artist's creativity, intent and desire to create a unique world rather than just document the world we all have access to, certain aspects of an image (or video) like colors, contrast, dynamic range etc may (or even should) be altered.

I highly increased the saturation of this video because I like how that brings out the complementary colors blue and yellow instead of the greyishness of the original.

Dienstag, 13. August 2019

Kalados beach, baby! (video)

After a one hour drive along the narrow and curvy road to the South of the island of Naxos, Nina and I ended up on Kalados Bay, where I played around with my latest purchase, Weeview's SID 3D Camera.