Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019

The early bird catches the picture

Even though it' s Saturday, I started my day very early today. Not that there was a reason for me to do so - on the contrary! I had been looking forward all week to the possibility of staying in bed for as long as I wanted. 

But here I was: having just woken up, lying in silence until the neighbour' s wall clock started chiming "gonnnnng... gonnnnng... gonnnnng..." I expected it to do so six times, in correlation with the hour at which my body usually wakes up even without an alarm.  

 I heard only four chimes. At first I thought that I had simply missed two and checked my cell phone.


Realising that there was no way I was going to fall asleep again, I got up, quickly checked the news and then started a chat with Nina (who, in a different time zone, was just about to have an early night). After some exchange during which we both wondered what on earth had caused me to wake up so early, I did a 3o minutes workout, took an extended shower, slowly and carefully brushed my teeth, took my time to pick the clothes to wear, chose tramway over subway to go to the city.

In "Cafe Westend" I had a lengthy breakfast during which I read an eye-opening article about the role that red lipstick and Elizabeth Arden played in the history of the emancipation of women (if you want to know more: this article is very similar to what I read in the magazine). 

I paid, stepped out of the cafe and onto Mariahilfer Strasse and checked the time: 8:40AM only! Still 50 minutes before the shops I needed would open. For a moment I regretted not having stayed longer in the "Westend". After all, I could have had another espresso and leaf through more magazines.

But then I remembered that I had my 3D camera in my rucksack - because the other day I had resolved to take this device with me wherever I go.  And now was the first opportunity for that resolution to bear fruits.

What caught my attention in the 50 minutes which followed that realisation can be seen below.

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